Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father Day 2010!!!!!

I would like 2 wish all my reader "Happy Father Day". Got any plan with ur father 2nite???? Hehe...... Enjoy ur day reader...... Take care!!!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Father & Sons - Video

Hi all, so sorry for MIA again.... hehe..... So sorry to all my reader. I currently working at PJ now. The company name??? Errr.... Let me review it next time ok???? Don't angry lor... :P

Just now when i browser facebook, i came across with this video... It really touch my heart and cry as well..... It show how a son take care of his age mother even his mother act unreasonable...... The touch part is at behine part.... I know i say here no use. U all better view the video yourself.....

Hope it send u a deep heart message:

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

IP Man2!!!!

Another show off post, don't piss off ya wakakakaka......

On last 21/4 i read on The Star Online and i accidentally read there is free ticket give out for movie preview screening. So i send my sms in to try my luck. To my surprise i receive confirmation that i won myself 2 ticket of IP Man 2 Movie screening from 28/4 9pm at 1U. I never won myself anything before though sms so i really happy and i hear IP Man2 very nice lor... So must go and watch it. I redeem the ticket on last monday and tonight is the preview..... I will write it after i watch it :P Below is the ticket..... Just 4 show off :P

Friday, April 23, 2010


Hey guys...... So sorry 4 my MIA for almost few month, i believe almost 6 month lioa..... Thanks for those still drop by to my almost dead blog keke....... I was suprise wheni check on my PR this morning...... It was PR3..... i never expected to get that as my blog almost half dead lioa....... Below just to show off :P

Page Rank Check

For ur information.... i have change to new job soon, start on early may... I will reveal it soon.... stay tune.... :P

Friday, January 29, 2010

New post gonna up soon.......

There will be a new post soon after this week, maybe next week.... Stay tune.... :P

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Dedicate To One Of My Special Fren!!!

This post is specially dedicate to my fren who is getting married on today 17/01/2010 at Taiwan. She is Joyce, one of my fren who i know her for almost 12 year n yet we still keep in touch. Remember 1st time i know her, i was just finish my SPM and a very native guy who don't know mandarin at all on that time. From her and a group of fren, i been force to learn mandarin n here am i now who can speak mandarin very well now. It like a dream n it like just happen on yesterday n never tot our friendship can be last for sooooooo long. In fact she is invite me to attend to her wedding at Taiwan but i was unable to attend. I here wish her have a happy married and hope it can be last forever. Below is the pic of our group and her wedding pic and the most special gift from her to all of us.

This is taken at Mei Lian house, the 1st gathering ever.....

My 1st trip to Sabah at 2006, at Pulau Sapi n never tot we can met up at there... This picture is with her hubby, Warren.

Our 10Th year friendship Anniversary dinner.

Our most complete group pic.

This the special import in from Taiwan, the bookmark, normally the sister will get pic, but they specially make bookmark for the sister lor..... See, it very special right???

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Special Post

hi to all my reader, this is the post before my special post been post up at sharp midnite. Hope u all enjoy....