Sunday, October 28, 2007

Jay Chau - Rainbow / Cai Hong MV

I came across with this MV yesterday but didnt plan wanna upload it here..... But finally i decide 2 upload it......... From what Jay said, it's the supporting theme song from the movie "Secret". As usual, Rainbow is composed and written by Jay himself. 4 me this MV quite touching, if u watch it until the end, i sure u all will cry lor....... The leading guy in this MV look familiar, if from side view, he look like Astro Talent Quest 2006 2nd place winner..... I no really sure his name... but look alike lor...... Well hope u all can enjoy it.........

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Jay Chau - Busy Cowboy the MV

I accidentally bump into this song when i was at Penang trip from 12 Oct to 14 Oct where i listen it though radio station in Darleng car...... Since tat day, i was addicted with this song..... 2day is my lucky day where i also accidentally bump into this song MV........ Although i manage 2 get the best quality of this MV but it was no complete version. I manage 2find the complete version but is no the best quality.... Well i would like 2 share this MV here as it can be found thought YouTube. Errrrr the quality kinda blur abit but rather then nothing right? Enjoy it....... This MV kinda cute.... I like it......

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Fireworks taken during CNY 2007

After i view Kacang post, i decide 2 dig out my old collection of fireworks pic tat i taken during CNY 2007.... i know it quite old lioa but rather then nothing right? Enjoy it!!!!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Small Gathering at SS2, PJ

I was plan 4this small gathering soon after i came back from Penang cos i have been given a special mission by HNKP 2 passed 2 Box of Ghee Hiang tau sar pia to Si Geruk aka Justin aka Chai Tiam Ma and also Darleng 2 passed DVD, Cheese Bak Kua n of course Kim Mo Birthday gift. Kim Mo also never meet Chai Tiam Ma b4, so i arrange it lor...... I was plan 2 meet up on Monday, but Chai Tiam Ma not feeling well on tat day. On Tuesday, Kim Mo pula busy, she need 2 attended her cousin birthday party. So lucky all can make it on Wednesday, so i planed 2 met up at KFC, SS2 7.45pm. I was the 1st 2 arrive there follow by Chai Tiam Ma. I called Kim Mo , but she is in saloon. So we go the Restaurant Prince, just beside KFC nia. Then we have our seat. We seat4 around 10min. then Kim Mo arrived n asking me y i dint ask Charles n Headmaster along since they live nearby nia.... Then called headmaster, at 1st he cant make it, but later he called me n say he can make it. I called Charles, he cant make it cos he at 1U on tat time..... So we ordered our food. I ate my food super slow cos we have 2 wait 4 Headmaster lor. Then Headmaster arrived around 8.30pm. Then we enjoy our food, chit chat n some more taking picture. I was planed 2 take picture of Chai Tiam Ma holding Ghee Hiang box but he shy 2 do it....... Below is the picture taken on tat day :-

From L-R - Me, Chai Tiam Ma n Headmaster.
From L-R : Me, Chai Tiam Ma, Kim Mo n Headmaster.
Me n Chai Tiam Ma
Headmaster n Me

Me n Kim Mo
We dismissed around 9.45pm. Looking 4ward 2 have this such small gathering again.........

Friday, October 19, 2007

Memorable holiday trip to Penang.........

On 12 October 2007..... i was going 2 Penang around 5pm bus...... n i was expected to reach Penang around 10pm but i was wrong, i reached Prai around 1.30am in the morning....I was sooo pai sei cos i must trouble Darleng n Angku 2 come all over from Penang to Prai just 2 pick me up lor.... Actually they have plan 4 me as i was expected 2 reach Prai around 10pm but all no need it due 2 my late arrival..... So sorry..... Then we reached Darleng new house around 2.15am...... They planned to watch movie but i was too tired 2 watch it n we sleep around 2.45am.... We all woke up by alarm tat been set by Darleng around 7am but we all 2 lazy 2 wake up n still wanna sleep but finally we all woke up at around 7.30am, prepared n went out 4 breakfast around 9am..... We went 4 Dim Sum opposite KDU college for breakfast... I dont know the shop name....... but it tastes nice, yummy.

This what we eat 4 breakfast!!!

After breakfast, we headed to Gurney Plaza. We met up with Tox, HNKP, Xiao Kia in Old Town in the New World Park 4 lunch. Later we went to Queensbay. After Queensbay, it's already 4.30pm. We reached home around 5pm and we departed to Ice Ice baby in Autocity at 6.13pm. In the middle of the journey to Autocity, Kim Mo called me n informed tat Motoleng, MotolengSoh n Motoleng sister have arrived oready. We arrived at Autocity on time... By tat time it's just 6 of us (Me, Darleng n Angku), then Shua Hu came, followed by Tox, Tox Soh, HNKP, Bong, Bong's friend, PPP, Wiwiwawa and Tuna. It was fun 2 meet them in person as all this while i just know them by thier voice.... After tat was the grand event of the gathering, birthday celebration for Tuna (belated) , Bong n Darleng (advance). I post some pic tat been taken at Queensbay n on tat nite.

Me n Xioa Kia

From left - PPP, Tuna, Darleng, Wiwiwawa n of course me :P

From Left - Darleng, Me n Angku

From Left - PPP, Tuna n Me.

From Left - Tuna , HNKP n MeAh Tox n Me

Darleng n Me

I was really happy n enjoy on tat day... Thanks Kim Mo for the organizing and planning. We dismissed around 10pm. Looking 4ward 4 next time gathering......On 14 October 2007, we woke up around 7.30am cos we needed 2 send Angku 2 bus station as he needed 2 catch up 10am bus to Singapore..... We headed 4 breakfast but it was abit rush 4 Angku. After sending Angku to bus station, We went4 jalan jalan, then Darleng brought me 2 have Char Koay Teow and ice kacang 4 lunch at Batu Lanchang market. Finally i can enjoy what i wan to eat most even it was not what i planed to eat. After tat Darlang sent me 2 bus station n i left Penang around 2pm. On whole way back 2 Klang, i was damn tired n slept 4 the whole journey haha..... like pig :P. I reached Klang around 7.45pm. I would like 2 thanks Darleng 4 allowing me 2 sleep at his house, and bringing us go around Penang.Really pai sei 2 trouble u..... Thanks anyway..... Thanks HNKP 4 ur Tau Sar Pia n Goong DVD, Thanks Ah Tox 4 ur Granda n Her Ghost VCD, Thanks Darleng 4 ur Cheese Bak Kua. What i'm feel regret is i unable 2 meet up Nancy n shelly (It happened she came back 2 Penang 4 her wedding). Hoping 2 meet them next time.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Proud to become a new Uncle..........

At the age of late 20, i officially become an Uncle when my sister give birth to a baby boy at Hospital Tengku Ampuan Rahimah (HTAR), Klang, today . I was very excited because this was my 1st time become uncle. She started to have her labour pain at around 8pm when my mother n i were to our customer's place. When we got home around 9.15pm, she say she alright but at about 9.45pm when my brother in law arrived, my mother say that it is better to send her to the hospital because the labour pain was getting closer, They reached hospital at around 10.10pm n she delivered a healthy baby boy around 2am..... I haven't visited my sister n her baby but i wish that are both healthy.......

Monday, October 8, 2007

Tan Hui Yi - A touching story!!!!

In this past few day, i was touch with the story of Tan Hui Yi who have her heart transplant and her touching story move the whole nation about reconsider to donate their organ to save life.... We should thanks the parents of the 15 years old Malay boy and also Chin Yoon Keong, 20 years old mechanic who both of them involve in accident and later declare their brain dead for their selfishness and willing to donate their sons' organ in order to save her life. I was touch with 15 year old malay boy parent in his quote "My son was God’s gift to me. Now it is time to return the gift to God.” This is the reason why i write about her story.... I really understand her parents feeling and some more she was operate 2 time within 24 hours and she still remind strong and never give up her life easily. The whole nation was touch with her pledge when she celebrate her 1st year of using mechanical heart in tears worry about every single minutes and second when her mechanical heart will stop beat.... So let pray for her recover.... Hui Yi..... U must be strong, every Malaysian is pray for ur recover and hoping to hear a happy news from u.......


This my 1st entries...... Hope u all can support me n visit my blog........