Friday, January 29, 2010

New post gonna up soon.......

There will be a new post soon after this week, maybe next week.... Stay tune.... :P

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Dedicate To One Of My Special Fren!!!

This post is specially dedicate to my fren who is getting married on today 17/01/2010 at Taiwan. She is Joyce, one of my fren who i know her for almost 12 year n yet we still keep in touch. Remember 1st time i know her, i was just finish my SPM and a very native guy who don't know mandarin at all on that time. From her and a group of fren, i been force to learn mandarin n here am i now who can speak mandarin very well now. It like a dream n it like just happen on yesterday n never tot our friendship can be last for sooooooo long. In fact she is invite me to attend to her wedding at Taiwan but i was unable to attend. I here wish her have a happy married and hope it can be last forever. Below is the pic of our group and her wedding pic and the most special gift from her to all of us.

This is taken at Mei Lian house, the 1st gathering ever.....

My 1st trip to Sabah at 2006, at Pulau Sapi n never tot we can met up at there... This picture is with her hubby, Warren.

Our 10Th year friendship Anniversary dinner.

Our most complete group pic.

This the special import in from Taiwan, the bookmark, normally the sister will get pic, but they specially make bookmark for the sister lor..... See, it very special right???

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Special Post

hi to all my reader, this is the post before my special post been post up at sharp midnite. Hope u all enjoy....

Friday, January 1, 2010

Lonely New Year 2010!!!!!!!

Ya base the the title, ya i have pass though my 1st day of 2010 alone..... Without don't know what to do, asking ppl out 4 yum char ppl also busy...... I do believe most of my reader have add me at their facebook, ya my house have open house yesterday and i was busy all long nite until 1am+++. Then today i need to follow my fren go 2 cyberjaya as he will be on interview on next monday and dont know how to go to cyberjaya. Then we go 4 lunch b4 he send me back home, then i on9 at mcd awhile. Go home, have chit chat with my mother and sisters. Then i go out jalan jalan n now i again come to MCD to on9... Haiz...... That what i did on my 1st day of Oklah..... Wish u all Happy New Year......

Happy New Year 2010!!!!!!!

Hi to all my reader..... I would like to wish to all my reader a Happy New Year 2010. Hope your every wish will came true for this year!!!!!!

Sign off at MCD!!!!!