Wednesday, April 28, 2010

IP Man2!!!!

Another show off post, don't piss off ya wakakakaka......

On last 21/4 i read on The Star Online and i accidentally read there is free ticket give out for movie preview screening. So i send my sms in to try my luck. To my surprise i receive confirmation that i won myself 2 ticket of IP Man 2 Movie screening from 28/4 9pm at 1U. I never won myself anything before though sms so i really happy and i hear IP Man2 very nice lor... So must go and watch it. I redeem the ticket on last monday and tonight is the preview..... I will write it after i watch it :P Below is the ticket..... Just 4 show off :P

Friday, April 23, 2010


Hey guys...... So sorry 4 my MIA for almost few month, i believe almost 6 month lioa..... Thanks for those still drop by to my almost dead blog keke....... I was suprise wheni check on my PR this morning...... It was PR3..... i never expected to get that as my blog almost half dead lioa....... Below just to show off :P

Page Rank Check

For ur information.... i have change to new job soon, start on early may... I will reveal it soon.... stay tune.... :P