Thursday, September 11, 2008

I Got Award!!!!

I was very surprise when Ah Hoon Jie Jie left me a msg in one of my post say she had special award 4 me. Thanks Ah Hoon Jie Jie 4 tat award..... The award she awarded to me is "Kevin aka Taugeh, very humble PGHK member". I feel very happy with this award. Since this is a tag but i dont feel wanna tag anyone lor :P

Sunday, September 7, 2008

My New Job!!!!

I believe every1 will surprise with this the title of my post.... Yup i have just change a new job n now i currently base at cyberjaya. I have resign my previous job cos all my job scope is no related with IT.... I been promise with a job title "IT Assistant" but yet all my job scope is more base to Share part.... I believe if u all have read my blog, sure u know what is my job function lor. Well i currently with Fujistu as Service Desk Engineer..... Oh ya, so sorry 4 no update my blog.... N nearly forgot... I have move to nilai as from nilai to my working place just take around 30min nia lor n somemore no tat jam n best part is toll free....... Oklah until then.... I will update u all next time.....