Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Perfect Gathering!!!

I believe if u all still can remember my 2 very old post? If cant tat ok, please refer it back to here, Meeting old buddy from college!!! and 10 Years Friendship Anniversary Dinner @ Jogoya Starhill, KL!!!!!. In that post i have mention that the gathering is no complete as one of them is no coming. Finally i can have a complete group pic with my very old fren that i knew them 4 aleast 11 years. I still remember the time we all 1st time met up, it was a very sweet memory n from them i was learning my mandarin. I was very happy as finally we all gather 2gether at one of my fren wedding lunch. Their are Joyce, David and Alvin. I really hope we still have chance 2 have this kind of gathering in future. Anyway, wish my fren happy forever. Below is the picture taken on tat day!!!

Alvin n his wife enter the Restaurant.

Group pic with the MC of the day n Alvin father.

A complate group pic... Finally

Monday, December 8, 2008

Bolt Caption & SMS Contest

Caption : Spying On Enemy Activity.

For those wanna join this contest, feel free to visit this site, Bolt Caption & SMS Contest. But please ensure that you are a member of AllMalaysian Bloggers Project before sending out the SMS and also TheStar member. AllMalaysia Blogger project also can be found at facebook. If you no a member yet, you can go to either facebook or to the site given to register. Wish u all good luck then.

Public Holiday!!!

As i believe most of u guys were in holiday now right? But me... Sooo poor nia.... Have to work lor. As i mention at my old post, my work required me to work on shift and during public holiday and weekend. Haiz.... Some more outside is raining... Make me feel sleepy nia... Help me!!! Actually i suppose off 2day but been call back to cover up some of my colleague tat on leave lor. Haiz... Yesterday i just only slept 4 2hour nia.... Sleepy lah..... Help me........

Saturday, December 6, 2008

1st Appearance After MIA 4Sometimes!!!!

So sorry folk..... I was busy recently so i cant really update my blog. Actually i chance to update my blog but due to using laptop and i no really like to blog use laptop to blog so i didnt blog lor..... So how was anyone recently? So sorry 4 my reader that keep on visiting my blog even i didnt update it. Anywhere i was working night shift, my last night. Until then, i will keep my blog update. Next, i will attend my best fren wedding this sunday. I will snap some picture and update in my blog :P.