Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Happy Birthday!!!

2day is the day where i really gather all my courage to write my 1st post. Never tot it oreally pass one year. N 2day is the day for Tau Tau officially turn one year old.

Hope u all still keep continue support my blog and thanks 4 visit my blog and also thanks to all ur comment. Do please enjoy the cake...... Hope u like it!!! :P

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Tag: A Brand New Tag

Ohhh my i been tag again. This time is tag tat been create by Akira and been tag by Kikey....

Here it goes, and this will let your friends know more about you...

Question: What is your name? (Please give one answer)

Question: What is your nickname? (Please give two answers)
1. Taugeh
2. Kevin

Question: Three books which you often read? (Please give three answers)
1. No many book i read.... Seeing book oready scare :P
2. n/a
3. n/a

Question: The things gained from Blogging? (Please give four answers)
1. Get to know alot of fren
2. Been torture by the nice n yummy food pciture :P
3. Getting 2 know other fren that drop by my blog.
4. Improve my English

Question: Your favorite food? (Please give five answers)
1. Bak Kut Teh
2. Mother Cooking
3. Rojak
4. Satay
5. Roti Telur

Question: Favorite songs? (Please give six answers)
1. Rainbow - Jay
2. Birthday - Wang Lee Hom
3. Fairy Tales - Micheal Wong
4. Only You - Micheal Wong
5. Love and Freedom - Danny One
6. Siapa - Danny One

Question: Places that you wish to go? (Please give seven answers)
1. Japan
2. China
3. Taiwan
4. Thailand
5. Korea
6. New Zealand
7. Australia

Question: All-time favorite movies, dramas, or animes? (Please give eight answers)
1. High School Musical 1
2. Rob-B-Hood
3. Dark Knight
4. Forever and Ever
5. Fly Me To Polaris
6. Hello Brother
7. Titanic
8. Harry Potter Series

Question: Items that you wish to obtain? (Please give nine answers)
1. Laptop
2. Digital Camera
3. Brand New Handphone
4. Watch
5. n/a
6. n/a
7. n/a
8. n/a
9. n/a

Question: You want to pass this tag to? (Please give the names of 10 friends)
1. Calvin
2. Cbenc
3. Headmaster
4. Jimmy Xiao Ti
5. Kacang
6. KeeYit
7. Kokahkok
8. KunTong
9. LorMee
10. Sean

# The last question is the hardest question, I appreciate if you can do it, if not is Ok for me too.

Finally, finish all 10 questions...

Thursday, October 2, 2008

I Got Present!!!

I believe if u all read Kikey aka Laksa Boston, she have blog this entry regarding abt her trip and 5 weeks winner with the most grab seat. I was the one of the winner of the 5 weeks where i was the 1st person 2 grab the seat in her coffee day. I also surprise when she announce me was one of the winner 4 most grab seat lor, just loss 2 seat to darleng!!!! I have receive her package last week but i dont know when as i was working at Cyberjaya and stay at Nilai lor. I just wanna reply to kikey, "Yup i really like the key chain and the postcard, i will keep it well in my keeping...... Thanks" Below is the picture tat i scan and taken with camera :P Enjoy!!! :p