Saturday, June 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Sister!!!

2day is my best friend birthday... I would like 2 wish her a Happy Birthday!!! May her wish will came true on her special day n gd year ahead..... I been knowing her 4 almost 7 years since 2001 at Informatics college n since then we become good fren n become closer after we enter our advance...... Without informatics college, we might dont know each right now... Glad 2 have u as my fren...... Below i show off the picture of me n my fren.....

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Last week Monday while i blog hopping, i came across with Calvyn blog that blog regarding free OpenSolaris Live CD that been send to him free.... So i interested with it and i also apply that CD for myself on the spot in OpenSolaris website......

So today i receive the mail that send to me all the way from San Francisco..... It really surprise me as in the Confirmation email that been send me soon after i send my request say it will take 4 week for Asia Country... But i get it around 10days after i send in my request... That really fast man :PI like the design of the CD.... Really nice......I still haven't open or test the CD yet.... But you all can refer 2 Calvyn blog as he have test the CD.... For those who wanna have a try, you might consider download it or get yourself a free OPENSOLARIS CD.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Just Another Met Up Post With PGHK Member... Again!!!!!!

I believe no all PGHK member know tat Jeslynz aka Mong Cha Cha is in KL last week (11 Jun - 15 Jun) Wednesday until Sunday......I just happen 2 know it when she PM me in skype n inform me tat she will in KL.. N asking me 2 contact Laksa Kia who i met him last few month ago... So i arrange this gathering on Saturday 8pm at SS2 waiting at KCF as i plan 2 have noodle at One Noodle shop just few shop away from KFC.... I have invite quite few PGHK member like Bong, Shuahuan, Justin aka Chai Tiam Ma, Headmaster, Sui Kia aka Anthony n Kim Mo...... But just only Headmaster tat manage 2 attend this gathering lor..... I was the 1st 2 arrive follow by headmaster n then Laksa Kia.... On tat time we decide 2 move 2 One Noodle Restaurant 2 wait Mong Cha Cha.... But she arrive 10 min after we in the Restaurant..... So we order our foods n Laksa Kia really make our day fun by talk alot joke n we laugh n laugh even we were taking our food..... We finish our food around 9pm n tat time we were still waiting 4 Kim Mo as she cant confirm whether she can come or nope as she having class lor.... But at the end she cant make it n we stlll at the Restaurant sitting there n Laksa Kia still continue with his joke until 10.30pm :P We really have our time on tat day n 4 sure we really laugh alot :P Below is group picture taken on tat day :PL-R - Laksa Kia, Mong Cha Cha, Me n Headmaster

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father Days!!!!!

It been quite sometimes i didn't celebrate Father's Day, i think got around 7 years oready since my father pass away in 2001.... I really hurt me each year when it came father's day celebration.... It make me feel i really no treat my father well when he still in this world..... So i would like 2 send out a massage, treat ur father well or nope u will regret just like me now..... Anyway i would like 2 wish all father's in this world a Happy Father's Day!!!!!!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Best Blogger Award !!!!

It kinda surprise 4 me when i browser 2 my blog n view the comment tat leave by Allen, owner of tat present me this award, Best Blogger Award...... I was surprise n never tot i will receive any award n certainly no this award as i feel my blog is not tat best among all..... Anyway i would like 2 thanks Allen 2 present me this award....... Thanks again.......

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Penang Trip Photo - 3 May 2008!!!!

I believe many of u know i visiting Penang last month 3rd May 2008 but some however i didnt met any of PGHK member at all cos due 2 my rushing n some of them are bz with their thing lor.... I now show u the picture i taking at Paradise Sandy Beach Resort, where my fren friends live there...... Those picture taken using my Handphone, K550i (Change software de to W610i.... :P)... Enjoy the photo.....

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Petrol Increase Again!!!!!!

According 2 the sms i receive just now n i have visit New Straits Times Online.... It was a shocking news 2 announce tat Malaysia petrol price increase from RM1.92 to RM2.70 start from midnite 2day..... If u all still dont believe it, do pls visit this link, Click Me 2 c it urself........ So dont forgot 2 pump up today before 12am.........

This news is according 2 New Straits Times Online

Monday, June 2, 2008

Choral Workshop!!!!

I believe no every know tat i have join a choir group. Last sunday, 25 May, i join a Choral workshop at klang chinese private school, Hin Hua Chinese school.... This workshop is join by a few group n my group is Renaissance Choir2 from SGM (Soka Gakkai Malaysia)... This workshop is been conducted by a specialist imported from Philippines, Mr.Butch.... As all know, choir group is divide into 4 part, Soprano n Alto(Gal voice), Tenor n Bass(Guys voice). Learning from him certainly learn alot as he teach us the correct way 2 sing n he also correct our mistake...... The workshop is start from 9am n it end after 5pm but i no really sure as i leave early around 4pm cos i have something 2 do....... Below i show off some picture taken on tat day :P

This is Mr.Butch..... From Philippines..... His skill very keng lor.......
This Choir group from Hin Hua Chinese School, Klang
This is Renaissance Choir from SGM (Soka Gakkai Malaysia), Can Spot me? Keke
Hin Hua Chinese School Klang n Renaissance Choir group pic.....
This group really keng lor... The tenor part really keng lorThis group Soprano keng lor :P Group pic after the workshop, i miss out cos i go home on tat time. The guy with white shirt is our teacher (Mr.Lim) n the Grey shirt is Mr.Chang (Hope i get it correct)

Ps...... Some picture is taken from Ng Huay Tjin in her facebook picture.... Thanks