Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Met Up With PGHK Member - Reveal Time!!!!

If u all remembers my previous post, I have mention tat I will met up a PGHK member n a blogger right? Well in this post will going 2 reveal his identity. He is......


Yup he is Keh Lor aka Calvin Ong. He just came back from Japan last week Monday... Actually he going 2 bring smashpOp along to this gathering but since he is late as he rushing from setapak n smashpOp is free until 5pm, so he postponed the gathering to next day. The gatherings suppose to be around 1.30pm at The Summit, USJ Subang but as i told u all just nw, he at setapak n rushing coming down 2 subang 2 met me... So sorry 2 make u rushing sooo rush. So since i was just after work at 1pm so i dont mind2 wait 4 him at there lor..... He finally arrive around 3.15pm n we met up at starbucks lor. When i 1st time met him.... i feel i like orang kecil nia lor... He really tall, i think he got around 1.85m lor. Since we all hungry n still havent taken our lunch, we headed down to lower ground where all food stall is located lor. I was depends on Calvin 2 choose which one he want2 eat as he just came back from japan n he might have something in his mind tat he wanna 2 eat..... But finally we headed 2 KFC after we have round almost all the lower ground floor. He told me tat KFC at japan no tat nice as the meat no tat nice as malaysia one lor. We were chatting during us having our meal n chat quite alot of thing. After finish our meal n chit chat 4 awhile, it time to end up the gathering. Really thanks calvin 4 his souvenir n it really nice 2 met u up even it quite rush 4 u. Below is the picture taken on tat day n the souvenir tat been give by calvin. It really nice...... Thanks!!!!

Me & Calvin aka Keh Lor

Translate of the meaning lor :P

PS - :P i was blog this post at my office :P

Sunday, August 24, 2008

How You All Peel The Banana Skin?

As what we all know, we normally peel banana skin by using hand right? But the video i gonna share with u all got another different way to peel the banana out from the skin. Actually i saw this post at Sean blog n i found it very funny so i decide 2 share with u all.... Enjoy ya :P

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Meeting A PGHK Member!!!

Hi guys... This post is live from my office computer :P Haha sooo brave 2 write blog at my office :P. Anyway cut shot the crap.... Later 2day i will met a PGHK member at The Summit, Subang 4 lunch. Well he also a blogger as well n will bring a blogger in this met up... Wanna know who is tat PGHK member n the blogger? Stay tune 4 my future update ya :P

P.S: Note.... This person is a guy..... Haha.... U all guess lah :P

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Funny Signboard!!!

Translate : Caution! Got Minefield Japaness war!!!

Translate : Caution! Magical Hole!!!

Those 2 signboard is taken at my office production side. C how creative they put up the sign.... Haha. When i 1st c it.. i laugh until i cry out cos it really funny lor :P How do u all think abt leh?

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sweet From Hong Kong!!!!!

Really thanks my fren, Henry 4 those lovely sweet specially import from Hong Kong. He went to Hong Kong last 2 week ago but soo poor maybe he cant adapt with Hong Kong water n food, so he vomit n diarrhoea in the whole trip.. Sooo poor him nia... But even he sick, he still brought some souvenir 4 his fren. Actually he wan to buy others thing but since he sick n no mood to shopping, so he just brought sweet lor. So how was the sweet? Special leh? Haha. I havent try it :P Thanks my fren.......

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Jimmy!!!

Happy sweet 22th birthday Jimmy Xiao Ti aka Tau Sar Phneah.... Time files really fast, we know each others also almost 1 year lioa though PGHK..... Anyway i wish u Happy Birthday!!! May ur wish came true on ur special day n gd year ahead...... Hope u like the cake above... It made from green tea n another one i no tat sure lor :P.......

Monday, August 4, 2008

A Day With Natural At FIRM, Kepong Final Part - Games Time

So sorry guys to keep u all waiting 4 this last part.. Cut short the crap.... Let the picture speak itself :P

Gosh they also use rubber band 2 make the longest line lor :P

All kind of way to make sure the team win lor :P

Wearing back the shoe :P Bz pack back own thing :P

Group Picture... Can spot me :P

This the end of FIRM trip :P Actually we have treasure hunt but due 2 bz hunting, no picture on tat activiti lor.. but it almost same with the jungle tracking lor :P