Saturday, April 26, 2008

My New 2nd Hand PC!!!!

As u all know... I was using a very old P3 667MHz last time.... N on tat time i very seldom VC (Voice Chat) n join live recording as my pc will hang half way... Many PGHK member call me RSSR (Restart Sorry) haha..... Last few day ago, i was COD a new 2nd hand PC at Low Yat Forum with a guy name Spence in his thread. The CPU is content P4 3.0GHZ with original Intel motherboard with Hyperthreading, 512mb memory card, 40GB western Digital hard disk n with 15" CRT monitor BENQ V551, keyboard n mouse... The whole total is RM450....... I feel it very worth lor as 4 me it rather very nice lioa lor...... So now if u all wanna VC..... Remember 2 count me in ya? Haha. Below i show off some picture :P

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Meeting Up New Listener At Shah Alam!!!

As we know recently we have quite a number of new listener in PGHK.... N one of then is Kenny Foo or aka Laksa Kia.... This what he told me when we chat though Skype PM..... So we arrange 2 met up as Laksa Kia will be at Shah Alam Sec6 4 his meeting n traning... This i think no all of u know tat Laksa Kia is Selangor Coach for Squash n he at shah alam just 4 SUKMA mental training..... Beside tat he also doing IT and CCTV freelancer..... :P So we arrange our met at 10pm on 12 Apr as he finish traning around tat time n we met up at MCD beside Plaza Shah Alam..... We have a great time n we chat until 11 something be4 we went home..... Below is Kenny Foo aka Laksa Kia picture :P......

Monday, April 7, 2008

Have You All Been Treat Like Tat Before?

2day i just call my old college in KL cos the campus tat i study in Klang is close down in 2005.... Since i have no other choice, so i have 2 call KL Informatics 2 help.... My call been pick up by a lady name Miss Chang n she been very rude 2 me... No tat only..... She just CUT my phone without say ANYTHING or even a Hold On word when i request 2 spoken with her supervisor.... N i have 2 call again..... How can a customer Services staff can speak 2 her caller with word "LAH"? N only tat she spoken 2 her caller in very rude way until i cant stand anymore... So tat y i request 2 spoken with her supervisor.... But this lady is going 2 get from me as i have email her supervisor n cc the copy to her branch manager......Do u all have this kind of experience? Share with us......