Sunday, February 17, 2008

3rd Day Of CNY - Last Day Of Penang Trip

Last day of my trip in Penang..... I was woke up around 8.15pm cos i have breakfast date with Atupek n Wiwiwawa, as i mention on my last post, they cant meet me up at E-gate gathering.... They all reach around 9.30am. Since Jimmy don't have car, so we car pool with Atupek car n we headed 2have our breakfast lor..... Below is show what we had on tat day :P

Darleng all time Fav :P

Then after breakfast, we plan wanna visit Kacang n Lau EE but they all oready gone 2 Snake temple. Then we think abt Nancy... So i called Nancy, but she oready at her relative place 4 pai nian..... So i called Ah Tox also, we say we will going2 visit him... He agree. But after tat Nancy ask us 2 go 2 her relative place since we just nearby lor.... At 1st we plan wanna drop by awhile, but end up, we stay at there n have chit chat until 11.30am.... We also have taken some pic..... Finally i meet up with Nancy as i wanna meet her when i was at Penang last October 2007. After tat.... I need2 prepare myself 2 go 2 airport 4 return 2 KL.... Then we headed 2 Quensbay 2 meet up with Ah Tox 4 lunch... Reached there around 1pm, then we headed 2 find place 2 have lunch n finally we choose Taiwan Bull... Bro Ah Tox teach me alot of tricks 4 me 2 stay one more day at Penang but cant do it n nearly miss my flight but lucky Atupek send me 2 airport on time n i check in on time eventhough i get scold by the officer :P. I really like 2 thanks Atupek 4 driving me n Jimmy whole afternoon. So sorry 2 mah fun u only.... I really enjoy my recently trip 2 Penang... Even it very short, but i finally can meet up with Lau EE, Kacang, Jimmy aka Tau Sar Pia, Alex aka Atupek n Nancy (All 1st time meet up, but still friendly as we chat in Skype)..... Below is the picture taken on tat day......

At Nancy relative house living hall..... At Nancy relative house, outside garden..... Nice view
Me n Atupek
L-R : Me, Atupek, Jimmy n Wiwiwawa
At Taiwan Bull, L-R: Jimmy, Atupek, Me n Bro Ah Tox


KOKahKOK said...

eee cant meet u !

K3ViN said...

Kokahkok - nvm lor... maybe next time..... said...

so nice come to penang... enjoy not?

K3ViN said...

icalvyn - si lor n of course enjoy lor.. meeting alot of PGHK member lor :P